Flame Toys KURO KARA KURI Megatron

Flame Toys KURO KARA KURI Megatron


Pre-order item

The estimated Release date: August 2020




ABS, PVC, PA, POM, Diecast


Close box with blister, 350 x 260 x 155mm

Exclusive accessories:

Weapon case x1, Roaring face x1


Reborn in a deadly new body, Megatron was powered by Ore-13, armed with a devastatingly powerful rail gun, and even equipped with space bridge nodes stolen from Metroplex, which gave him the ability to open space bridge portals on his own.


- 2 Interchangeable faces are available! So, the product can be displayed with different emotions. 


- 3 kinds of rifles and they can be combined into a long rifle.

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