King Arts DFS072 Steel Jeeg

King Arts DFS072 Steel Jeeg


King Arts * Diecast Scene Series * DFS072* Steel Jeeg * 

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Product introduction


Steel Jeeg (鋼鉄ジーグ)

The father of Shiba, the protagonist, learned that the ancient kingdom of evil was about to revive, so he recorded his will in the supercomputer and transformed the protagonist into "Steel Jeeg" to fight against evil forces. Among them, the most classic one is the transformation of the protagonist's two handed fist into a robot through magnetic force. The spear, cannon and other weapons in the play are equipped with various shapes.


Product Series: Diecast Scene series

Product Name: Steel Jeeg

Product Code: DFS072


Product Specification

Figure size: L 25.2CM* W 13.3CM*H 6.9CM

Horse size: L 25.7CM* W 22.3CM*H 16.1CM

Product material: Alloy + plastics


Parts list
-Hand x 9

-Round shield x 2

-Cannon x 2

-Spear x 1

-Cannon connector x 1


Product features

*Super many ways to play, Jeeg's eyes and chest, horse's eyes have led lights!

*Any curly tail, both sides of the horse have retractable missiles!

*The horse head and legs of the puppet can be disassembled, and the upper body of the puppet is installed on the flying horse, and a jumping posture is put forward, and the horse and the man cannot fall down!

*The round shield can be held or inlaid in the arm, and the cannon can be inlaid in the arm or back, with various shapes.

*Magnet adsorption, easy to install!

*Accurate and meticulous coloring, pleasing to the eye!

*Rich accessories, a variety of ways to play!

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