New! Hot Toys MMS143 1/6 Spider-Man Non-refundable!
  • New! Hot Toys MMS143 1/6 Spider-Man Non-refundable!

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    New! Color Fading on the pants (see pictures). Weight: over 2 kg

    Non-refundable! Please think carefully! Thank you


    The 1/6th scale Spider-Man Limited Edition Collectible Figurine specially features:
    - Authentic and detailed fully realized likeness of Spider-Man in the Spider-Man 3 movie
    - Modified TrueType body with 30 points of articulation
    - Approximately 30 cm tall
    - Five (5) pairs of interchangeable palms with silvery cobweb pattern including:
    One (1) pair of relaxed palms
    One (1) pair of fists
    One (1) pair of palms for cobweb shooting
    One (1) pair of palms for cobweb holding
    One (1) pair of palms for climbing

    Costume :
    - One (1) red- and blue-color Spider-Man suit covering the head with silvery cobweb pattern on the head and red part of the upper body, together with small black spider icon in the front and large red spider icon at the back of the upper body
    - One (1) pair of red-color silvery cobweb patterned boots

    - A total of five (5) long narrow strips of cobweb including:
    Two (2) for imitating the flying scene
    Two (2) of cobweb shooting
    One (1) of cobweb opening

    Figurine Stage/ Stand:
    - Figurine stage imitating part of the clock tower in the movie
    - Figurine stand with Spider-Man nameplate and the movie logo