We accept PayPal or Stripe payments for "in-stock" items that are ready to ship. We do not accept PayPal payments for "pre-order" items. If you are going to pre-order on our site, please pay with your credit card via Stripe. If your order includes "in-stock" and "pre-order" items, please pay with your credit card via Stripe. Thanks for your co-operation!

If you are a perfectionist, please do not buy any figure that contains leather parts especially the ones released a long time ago! (For the ones released recently, we may still be able to help.) Most figures have leather issues over time even they are still unopened and unused! We do not offer any replacement or refund for leather issues! Please think carefully. 

At Toys Buying Agent, you do not need any rewards points to get vouchers or coupons. Because promo codes are here waiting for you.

1. Input 50HKDCode at checkout to get a 50 HKD discount on the amount under 1999 HKD.

2. Input 100HKDCode at checkout to get a 100 HKD discount on the amount of 2000 HKD - 2999 HKD.

3. Input 150HKDCode at checkout to get a 150 HKD discount on the amount of 3000 HKD or above.

You could check out one by one to get more discounts. The promo codes are no limit of use.




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